Coffee, Podcasts and Books - Oh My! (S1:E1)

In this episode, your regular Over for Coffee hosts Sam, Ester and David will talk about what we are currently drinking and what we are currently listening to. Come on over for coffee!

Please join the discussion by telling us what your favorite coffee is right now and what you are listening to. If you enjoyed this episode, please consider sponsoring our next cup of creative coffee by donating on our website  Don’t forget to comment, like and share each episode with your friends!


Unknown said…
So, I want to suggest reviewing and testing out instant coffees. The kind of coffee that comes in a powder and you mix it with hot water. In Korea instant coffee is a big thing, especially in the workplace it is like the go to drink. I've seen it at my school, the bank, hotels and guesthouses I have stayed at. I know it won't pass the coffee snob approval test- but its pretty cool. I mean you can get coffee, creamer, and sugar all in one little package.

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